Neighborhood history of Dunstan Crossing custom homes in Scarborough, Maine

From the street names to the home designs, Dunstan Crossing celebrates Maine's grand tradition of community

The area known as Dunstan in Scarborough, Maine, has a rich history. Settled by Europeans in 1651, it was named for Dunster, the English hometown of early settlers Andrew and Arthur Alger. Early settlers quickly established farms, businesses and schools in this beautiful area, still famous today for its pristine beaches and protected salt marshes.

Dunstan immediately became an important hub for goods and services. In Colonial times, Dunstan Landing became a key access point to the Atlantic ocean for lucrative timber exports. In particular, tall Dunstan timber was highly sought after for masts for the King's navy. From the early 1700s to the mid-1800s, ship building was big business in coastal Maine, and many ships were built in Dunstan shipyards. While connected to far-away ports through industry, Dunstan retained its village charm.

Long a place of sociable gathering, Old Dunstan was known for inviting tavernsóas it was the stopping place for four lines of daily stage coaches between Portland and Boston. In the 20th century when Route One became a major highway, this tradition was reborn in Dunstan's many shore dinner houses, featuring lobster and clam dinners freshly caught off the Scarborough coast.

Civic engagement is another of the area's defining features. Maine's first governor, William King, was born in Dunstan, as was his brother Rufus. Rufus King helped draft the United States Constitution in the First Continental Congress. Scarborough's first Post Office was established in Dunstan, and many of its most enduring institutionsólibraries, churches, schools and roadsówere built on the initiative of private citizens working together.

We are making history with Dunstan Crossing.

When Elliott Chamberlain first became inspired by traditional neighborhood design, Dunstan was an obvious choice for such a neighborhood. Scarborough had begun to feel the effects of unplanned growth and the city was receptive to the idea of a new, sustainable and livable way of building homes. Elliott knew his idea would take root in Dunstan's stunning natural surroundings and benefit from its strong sense of community.

It has taken several years and an ongoing dialogue with Scarborough's citizens to make this dream a reality. Dunstan Crossing is poised to be another wonderful chapter in the history of the area.

In keeping with this rich history, we named the streets of Dunstan Crossing after people and places that played a role in making Dunstan what it is today. We now invite you to become a part of that historyóand create your ownóliving in this beautiful community.



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